The art of inlaying gold by chisel and little hammer

Oscar Martín Garrido

Nowadays, Oscar Martín Garrido is the only master damascener certified in Toledo. His work is clearly Renaissance in style and his pieces have a great singularity. His religious artwork and decorative plates, Quixotes, bullfighting scenes, landscapes and views of Toledo are highly valued worldwide. 

Know the damascene history and its techniques and styles

Damascene from Toledo, its history, places, techniques and styles shown in a different way. The exhibition are shown on two big full-HD screens.

Learn together with a true master damascener

Working under the supervision of a master damascener, you will get a unique and customized piece while enjoying an amusing craft workshop.

Elaborate your own damascene piece 

Discover the interactive damascene workshop and test your skills elaborating your own damascene work in 24kt pure gold.



Phone: +34 640 38 52 61
Toledo (Spain)

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